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Effective use ofcollected data

We generate more and more data that we want to analyze from many perspectives, combining more and more data sources and reaching faster the key information embedded in the data. Controlling data is a real challenge that requires not only the implementation of modern solutions, but also the introduction of a data work culture in the organization.


The most frequently implemented projects

Check out the three most common scenarios:

  • Building a data warehouse

    Implementation of modern data analytics platforms using Microsoft Azure cloud solutions.

  • Report implementation in Power BI

    Building reporting solutions tailored to the needs of the organization. Data analysis from general to particular.

  • Audit of the Power BI environment

    Assistance in the effective use and adoption of the Power BI platform adaptation in the organization

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Adam Janson

Head of Data & Analitycs

Cooperation scenarios

  • Analysis and design

    Conducting a comprehensive analysis helps us understand the gaps and areas that need to be addressed in the context of data analysis. Based on the collected requirements, we design a comprehensive data analytics solution. Our approach is based on small steps and a broad thinking perspective.

  • Implementation and adaptation

    Let's move from planning the concept to its implementation. We implement the solution from start to finish, together with the care of the entire production process and support in adapting the solution in the organization.

  • Training and workshops

    Training and workshops

The slogan that data is the new gold is no longer anything revealing. On the other hand, making it possible to say that about the data in your organization is still a huge challenge. This difficulty is there from the beginning, but it becomes more and more complicated as time goes on with the deluge of data we collect. We have more and more sources and at the same time we are becoming more and more aware ourselves. We discover new ideas on how we would like to combine our data, and from what other perspectives we need to look at it. At the same time, we want to do it faster and with even more flexibility. We solve the presented business challenges in tandem with the latest Microsoft technologies, such as Azure Cloud and Power BI. Thanks to the platforms used, we provide products that are tailored in every scale. This also allows for a flexible approach during the implementation of the data analytics platform. Azure Cloud and Power BI give you the opportunity to start a small part without closing your way to building a comprehensive solution addressing all areas of your company's operations.

Our competences also cover the following areas:

Design and construction of modern data analytics platforms

Design and construction of modern data analytics platforms

Data warehouse, data lake, lakehouse, data mart, or maybe Excel? The spectrum of available solutions and concepts in the field of data analytics is constantly growing. In this area, we will help you choose the best solutions to address the needs of your organization. Following the principle of small steps and a broad perspective of thinking, we will design and present the overall concept of the data platform and the steps in which it will be achieved. Thanks to the use of the Microsoft Azure cloud and Power BI, we will provide solutions covering the entire spectrum of data life in the organization, from its acquisition, transformation, modeling to visualization.

Migration of any type of data to the Azure cloud

Migration of any type of data to the Azure cloud

An inseparable element of building a modern data analytics platform is the transfer of data to the cloud. As part of this service, we will not only safely transfer data from your organization to the cloud, but also select a solution (IaaS, PaaS) that best suits your business needs. At the same time, we will make sure that the migration is as effective as possible in terms of costs and time.

Designing and building effective data visualizations in Power BI

Designing and building effective data visualizations in Power BI

Making functional and ergonomic reports is quite an art. In this area, we will design and implement reports addressing the business needs of stakeholders from individual business units of your organization (management board, managers, operational employees). The whole thing will be crowned with the selection of the appropriate colors based on your company's brandbook.

Conducting a Power BI audit

Conducting a Power BI audit

Effective use of the Power BI environment, and in particular Power BI Premium, is a key element in adapting Power BI in your organization. That is why we will help your company understand exactly which reports or datasets are used in the organization and which are forgotten. In addition, in accordance with the best practices, we will prepare a set of change recommendations both in the reports themselves and in the organizational structure of the entire Power BI platform in order to increase adaptation and optimize costs.

Comprehensive training and workshops with Power BI

Comprehensive training and workshops with Power BI

The culmination and complement to the effective use of Power BI in your company is a good understanding of the tool and its capabilities. In order to achieve the highest productivity, we will conduct a complete package of workshops and training courses tailored to the needs of individual user groups in your organization.

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