Implementation for: Mokate

Mokate In today's data-driven world, organizations face the challenge of harnessing the power of their data to drive informed decision-making and achieve business success. This case study explores the remarkable transformation of the Mokate Group.


Industry:Food & Beverages

Organization size:1001 – 5 000 employees

Embracing Digital Transformation through Azure, Power BI, and Microsoft 365 at Mokate Group.


Advanced analytics and effective reporting as a catalyst for Mokate's dynamic growth

On the way to digital transformation, we have set the following goals:

  • Implementation of effective reportingOrganization aimed to implement an efficient reporting system that would ensure effective distribution of data using consistent methods. 
  • Strengthening data cultureAnother step in the transformation was to develop a data culture and reinforce accountability for their accuracy. This aimed to improve the quality of data in source systems and their integration. 
  • Data centralizationMokate Group also aimed to centralize the shared files and information, as well as implement modern communication tools within the organization


Azure Data Stack, Power BI, and Microsoft 365 Implementation

Mokate Group embarked on a transformative journey to overcome data and communication processes.

  1. Modern Analytics Platform on AzureImplementation of a modern analytics platform centralized data, enabling faster decision-making and data-driven insights. Thanks to the cloud approach, the platform is scalable for future challenges and ready for advanced analytics scenarios.
  2. Product 360 and Customer 360 dashboards based on Power BIImproved sales processes with self-service features have taken reporting to a whole new level.
  3. Integration with Microsoft Teams The most important factor in the success of the project's implementation, which reduced reliance on email and improved real-time collaboration.


  • Example displays of the architecture that was implemented for the client.


A Transformed Organization

Through the implementation of Azure Data Stack, Power BI, and Microsoft 365, Mokate Group experienced remarkable results.

The introduced Azure Data Stack and Power BI transformed the company's data reporting and analysis, providing a holistic view of its business health. The near real-time reporting allowed for more timely decision-making, and the company no longer relied on Excel-based reports. The system's flexibility enabled individuals to make changes and respond to changing results. Integrating data across ten different systems resulted in consistent reporting and improved decision-making.

Additionally, external data integration helped to compare products with market trends, and competitors and to benchmark prices for semi-products or resources. Based on several discussions with top management, the organization changed its approach to working with the data and the way of communication within the teams.

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